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You've let your date down and you have some serious explaining to do. But how should you play it? Pretend there has been an accident? Plead a dying relative? Don't worry. We're here to help. Tell us a few details and we'll get you out of hot water in no time.

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Imagine you're talking to your date. What did you fail to do? (e.g. turn up for our date, phone you)

Where were you supposed to be? (e.g. the restaurant, the pub)

Where do you get your news from? (e.g. Facebook, the radio)

An ailment? (e.g. the flu, a cold)

Describe a disaster that could have stopped you acheiving your plan? (e.g. the road was closed due to an accident)

Think of three people. What are their roles in your life? (e.g. mother, mate, gran)

Something you wouldn't want to find lying in the road... (e.g. an injured badger, an unexploded bomb)

Your date is a... (e.g. girl, boy)

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